Honey Magnate Battles

Tournament with over $25,000 USD in Prizing
June 24 - July 1

Play games, win prizes!

The Honey Magnate Battles begin! Honey is sweet, and so are the cash prizes in the Honey Magnate player tournament that's running from 12PM (PT) on Thursday, June 24 to 12PM (PT) on Thursday, July 1.

There's over $25,000 USD in prizes for players and YouTubers, multiple winners in the contest, and it's completely free to join, play, and compete. Come raise your own bee colony today! 💸

Join one of the 7 factions in-game-- each led by a popular YouTuber*-- and then head into the flower fields to collect as many blue 'Likes' as you can!

* Note: If you aren't familiar with any of the YouTubers, that's okay! Feel free to use the in-game faction randomizer or choose whomever you like.

Honey Magnate

By Kirch

Become a beekeeper and raise your very own bee colony! Collect honey, mutate your bee army, and upgrade your hive.

Ready to get started? Play Honey Magnate today! If you'd like to connect with fellow players or have questions about the event, check out the Core Community Player Discord.

Tournament Details

Tournament Rules

Play Honey Magnate, join any YouTuber faction, and collect as many blue 'Likes' as you can find in the flower fields. This contest runs from 12PM (Pacific) on Thursday, June 24 to final scoring at 12PM (Pacific) on Thursday, July 1 (the “Contest Period”).

Winners will be determined by the eligible participants in the Top 3 places of the leaderboard for each faction at the end of the Contest Period. This Tournament is subject to the Core Contests Official Rules.

How to Participate

1. Play Honey Magnate and head to the Honey Magnate Battles event zone.
2. Join any YouTuber's faction in the event zone! You'll get a special in-game pet during the event.
3. Head into the flower fields and look for 'Like' icons that pop up. Hint: Look for blue shimmering lights.
4. Harvest and collect those 'Like' icons to get in-game rewards like mutagens.
5. Climb your faction's leaderboard. If you make the Top 3 of any faction for having the most 'Likes', you'll win a cash prize!

Note: You can only be in one YouTuber’s faction at any one point in time, but you can switch factions and win in multiple factions. When you contribute 'Likes' to a YouTuber's faction, it supports them in the contest and may help your favorite YouTuber win prizes of their own!

Hop into Honey Magnate and enter the event zone on the first floor to the left of where you spawn.

Join any YouTuber's faction in the event zone.
Help your YouTuber become the #1 faction!
You'll also get a special pet for the event week.

Find blue 'Likes' in the flower fields. Collect as many as you can to climb your faction's leaderboard and win cash prizes!


Top three eligible players in seven factions means up to twenty-one (21) winners! Out of all the competing YouTuber factions, the faction with the most overall 'Likes' on the leaderboard will be the winning faction. A faction's total 'Likes' is calculated by the cumulative number collected by the Top 140 players of each faction.

Important Note: If you created your account with Epic, you'll need to make sure you provide and verify your email address to be eligible to win (as this is the only way we can contact you).

Top 3 Winners for the #1 Faction

The Top 3 eligible contributors in the winning faction will win the following prizes:

🥇 1st: $1000 USD🥈 2nd: $750 USD🥉 3rd: $500 USD

Top 3 Winners for Runner-Up Factions

The Top 3 eligible contestants in the runner-up (non-winner) factions will win the following prizes:

🥇 1st: $500 USD🥈 2nd: $300 USD🥉 3rd: $150 USD

Partnered YouTubers

As you play the game and collect 'Likes' for your faction, you can support your favorite YouTuber! The YouTubers whose factions have the most 'Likes' at the end of the event win prizes, as specified below.

Top 2 Winners for YouTuber Faction Leaders

🥇 1st: $7500 USD🥈 2nd: $2500 USD

Monetary prizes will be paid through Tipalti. Winners must create or have a Tipalti account to collect their prize. For more details on Tipalti and potential tax implications, please see our Help Center article.

Make sure you join the Core Community Player Discord for communication about the contest and prizes.

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Check out ThnxCya's spotlight video on Honey Magnate here!

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